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Company southeastern region of Juiz de Fora, the Fripai Food values ​​the development of the local community and primarily hires professionals from around the industry. The goal is to generate socio-economic development for the residents of the adjacent neighborhoods.


In addition to promoting the development of the community, this initiative favors urban mobility, preventing the flow of more shift workers to the center, enhancing employee quality of life and promoting the local market.


The company has social projects for employees and the surrounding community, offering psychological support; 1st employment; donations of food baskets; donations of school supplies, clothes and items for institutions in the region; conducting training courses and retraining to employees; among other actions with sustainable DNA.


The Fripai Food is also sensitive to animal causes and plays an important role with non-governmental associations and protectors of Juiz de Fora. In order to minimize the expenses that the poor and the entities have with their animals, the company carries dogs to feed donation along with a deposit, located next to the plant.

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