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The company is committed to develop its industrial activities in line with the principles of sustainability, adopting effective practices of environmental control, such as:



The Fripai Food implemented and operates an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with removal efficiency of contaminants higher than 90%.Anaerobic and aerobic biological processes are employed sequentially in the treatment and provide the release of treated effluents with high-level clearance, allowing the maintenance of quality levels of the Paraibuna River waters for the conservation of aquatic ecosystems in the watershed.



The need for steam generation for the development of activities in the industry requires the company to thermal power generation. The heat generated in the furnace is 100% from renewable sources (biomass), acquired with certificate of origin. Part of the thermal energy is provided by a biomass recycle system originated content of the digestive tract of cattle, being segregated and dewatered material before being subjected to combustion in the furnace. The gases from biomass combustion in the furnace of the company are pre-treated with a system via wet, type washer hydro-venturi (WHV) of high efficiency, providing the release of emissions within the limits established by environmental legislation.



All solid waste generated are controlled from its beginning, every step of the industrial processing, segregated from other types of waste and sent to the Transitional Storage Center of Industrial Waste (TSCIW). Each residue is stored in specific bays, heavy, sorted and routed to the final destination after the formation of lots that provide the minimum conditions for the logistics of the process. Lots of previously classified waste is sent to companies with licenses specific Environmental to receive such waste. The waste recycling company indexes exceed the 90% mark, that is, 1,000 kg of waste from the manufacturing process, 900 kg return to the market in the form of useful products.

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