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Process and Logistics

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The Fripai Food has what is most modern storage systems, thus ensuring that their products are always under ideal temperature and conditions.
We have a 100% fleet renewed with what is best in the market today, with new trucks, trunks and modern cooling system.
The control of our inventory is controlled through online system, thus ensuring the FIFO (FIFO – First to Go in, first out) of our products, always delivering a fresh product to our consumers.



In Fripai we have all the modern technology for slaughtering cattle and pigs, respecting animals as a priority of our work.
The proper functioning of the Animal Welfare ensures humanization of slaughter, lower stress level of animals, softness and juiciness to our products.
All equipment and facilities used in our processes are stainless steel or approved materials of the Ministry of Agriculture, which are attested by monthly microbiological analyzes, which are carried out by accredited laboratories by the Federal Inspection Service.
Our entire process is automated, ensuring the least possible handling of our products.
Our employees are trained to be incorporated into the company’s framework and are recycled every 6 months.
All our cleaners are biodegradable and approved by ANVISA for use in the food industry. Our sectors are cleaned and sanitized 02 times a day.
Our quality team consists of trained people with rigorous criteria, daily monitor all self-control programs, according to the Ministry of Agriculture legislation.
The temperature of all our environments is monitored and maintained in accordance with the standards throughout the manufacturing process of our products.



Our storage is controlled by modern monitoring system in securing the lowest possible variation of temperature of our products.

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